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Bicycle Powder Coating


Bicycle powder coating

Our specialist powder coating and finishing service for bicycles is an eco-friendly, long lasting option for your frame and fork. Using a 4-stage, ultra-protective process, your bicycle will look and feel brand new.

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Powder Coating

Chemical clean + Sandblast + Polish + Lacquer

Frame + Fork (Standard) £200.00
Suspension ATB Frame £250.00
Brompton parts £300.00
Moulton £350.00
Tandem £420.00


Chemical clean + Sandblast + Polish + Lacquer

Frame & Fork (Standard) £300.00
Suspension ATB Frame £360.00

Combined Services

Dismantle + Finishing + Rebuild (inc. Free Full Service)

Single Speed £300.00
Multispeed £360.00
Multispeed Hydraulic £360.00

Frequently asked questions

  • Wet spraying vs powder coating – what's the difference?

    Both paint methods use a “gun” type applicator however the powder is baked on as opposed to air dried liquid spray. Because of this baking process, powder coating is far more durable and less likely to chip / damage.

  • Which parts of my bicycle can you powder coat?

    All prices and services stated on our website are for Frame / Fork powder coating. Powder coating other components will be dependent on intricacy and material.

  • What do I need to do to prep my bicycle?

    We need the bicycle fully stripped before powder coating. Bring it to our workshop in Hackney so we can dismantle, powder coat and rebuild your bicycle. We also throw in a full free service with any spray / workshop package!

  • How long does it take?

    Our turnaround times change often, so you will be given a window of time when booking. It usually takes 2-3 weeks from receipt of a good substrate – but of course turnaround times vary depending on the complexity of each finish.

  • What will the quality of finish be like?

    We always aim for the best finish possible, however this very much depends on the age, material and condition of the substrate. For example, a rust surface can result in pitting compared to an aluminium frame.

  • Can I have any colour I want?

    Yes, within reason. We mainly stock colours from the RAL Chart but can also do colour matching as long as you provide us with a physical sample. Any custom colours are an extra charge and can delay the turnaround time. You can either visit our store in Hackney or choose a colour from an online RAL Chart.

  • Can I have any design I want?

    Powder Coating is slightly limited when it comes to the more creative designs, however our team will be able to help with achieving the closest match with the materials we us. And to make life a bit easier we can create digital designs to help visualize the final result!

  • Can I get new parts put on my bicycle?

    Yes! If you’re restoring the frame and fork, why not update other components? You can either send us new parts to be fitted or we can source them for you.

  • Do you spray carbon fiber?

    Yes, however we do not use the Powder Coating method because of the baking process. We have a wet spray option for all CF parts.

  • Can you keep the chrome as it is on my bicycle?

    Yes. We can mask any areas that you do not want powder coated. The price will vary depending on where you need us to mask.